MD64LB(M) hollow range

The MD64 hollow range is available in 2 variants offering 8Nm and 40Nm breakaway torque options with a high-stiffness coupling. Custom options also available.

Both the MD64LB and MD64LBM MagiDrives provide high (8 Nm) or ultra-high (40 Nm) torque rotation. They do so through a high-stiffness coupling, with a large 48.5mm clear bore. This rotary feedthrough is ideal for platen rotation or robot type applications. The MD64LBM supplies higher torque with the same dimensions.

Key Specifications

  • 48.5mm clear bore 
  • 8Nm & 40Nm breakaway torque options
  • Bakeable to 250°C without having to remove the outer magnets
  • Maximum axial load 415N (93 lbf)
  • Motorisation and pneumatic actuation options
  • Custom shafts available
Hollow MagiDrive rotary feedthrough for high torque applications.

Product Downloads

Product configuration tool

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