Multicentre Transmission Stage

Multicentre Transmission Stage

Designed for a European aerospace customer the Multicentre Transmission Stage provides a multi-axes solution for transmission experiments using flag style sample holders with a 10mm clear transmission window.

Key Features

  • 10mm diameter through hole
  • Standard flag sample plate
  • Resistive sample heating to 800oC
  • LN2 cooling to -175oC
  • Up to 5 axes of motion
  • Up to 1,000mm of Z motion
  • Motorisation options including polar rotation option with 0.02o rotational repeatability

This new design allows for ultra thin sample to be spectroscopically analysed in transmission mode while still retaining the full heating and cooling performance of the renown multicentre range.

Techniques which may benefit from this new technology are Transmission RAMAN spectroscopy and FTIR.

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