Linear motion and alignment

Linear motion and alignment

We offer both bellows sealed and magnetcially-coupled linear actuators to address a wide range of applications including beamline filters, wire scannners, adjustment of sputter sources and deposition stages through to production style applications. 

A range of customisation options are available including motorisation, pneumatic actuation, custom shafts, choice of encoder and high speed options which utilise a ballscrew mechanism to achive speeds up to 100mm/s.

Key features

  • Range of bellows sealed and magnetically-coupled options
  • Field proven reliability
  • Comprehensive customisation options
  • True UHV compatibility

Bellows sealed linear actuators

The bellows sealed Linear Shift Mechanisms (LSMs) provide linear motion along the port axis (Z) with up to 1,000mm stroke and a range of clear bore options. Bakeable to 250°C, the range is supplied on CF flanges and provides true UHV performance.
The bellows are manufactured from 316L stainless steel as standard and offer a minimum design life of 10,000 cycles. Customised units are available offering a design life of up to 3 million cycles.

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Magnetically-coupled linear actuators

For high-duty process applications, the magnetically-coupled push pull (MPP) devices are ideally suited with high torque, high axial stiffness and zero thrust due to vacuum. The magnetically-coupled push pull range provides linear and linear/rotary motion solutions with up to 300mm (12") stroke.
Strong magnetic coupling eliminates the use of bellows and dynamic seals, which are vulnerable to failure, providing a robust long-life design.

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Port aligner range

Enables the distance and angular relationship between two flanges to be adjusted
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