Analytical stages

Analytical stages

Configurable analytical stages offering up to 5 axes of motion and options for sample biasing, heating to 1200°C and cooling to <20K (typically 15K). MultiCentres can be configured to accept most common surface analysis sample holders including pucks, flags and ESCA stubs.

The MultiCentre and associated accessories provide a complete solution for sample transfer and manipulation. Typical applications include analytical instrumentation for surface analysis equipment and synchrotron end stations.

The MultiCentre range includes the XL-T Series which provides compact single bellows stages and the XL-R series which utilises dual bellows with dual-point support to provide increased stability and precision.
Each series offers a full range of options including resistive or e-beam heating, temperature measurement, sample biasing/current measurement and LN2 and LHe cooling options. MultiCentres are unique in their ability to provide continuous azimuthal rotation and temperature measurement even when cooling with LN2 and heating to 1200°C.

Key features

  • Compact and high stability, high precision stages
  • Modular stage design allows functionality to be configured to suit application
  • Innovative sample stage with ultra compact swept volume and unique range of additional stage options
  • Heating to 1200°C & cooling to <20K (typically 15K, with LN2 precooling to reduce LHe consumption and costs)
  • Unique ability to provide continuous azimuthal rotation and LN2 cooling
  • Flag, puck and ESCA sample compatible stages

XL-T Analytical Stage

Single bellows, ultra compact stage with up to 5 axes including linear translation up to 350mm, heating up to 1,200°C and LN2 cooling options.

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XL-R Analytical Stage

Dual bellows stage, up to 5 axes including linear translation up to 1,000mm, heating up to 1,200°C and LN2 and LHe cooling options.

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Surface Analysis System Upgrades: 

For those wishing to extend the lifetimes of their surface analysis instruments, replacement 4-axis and 5-axis manipulators are available for instruments supplied by leading manufacturers. As examples, manipulators are available for the ESCALAB™ instrument range manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific (VG Scientific) and also for the 5500, 5600, 5700 and 5800 instruments manufactured by Physical Electronics (PHI).

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XL-T MultiCentre

Single bellows, compact analytical stages
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XL-R MultiCentre

Dual bellows, high stability, precision stages
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Configuration options

Learn more about motion, heating and cooling options
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