Push pull devices

Push pull devices

We offer a range of products to address both high-duty, high-torque and high-precision, linear-only applications.

For high-duty process applications, the magnetically-coupled push pull (MPP) devices are ideally suited with high torque, high axial stiffness and zero thrust due to vacuum. The magnetically-coupled push pull range provides linear and linear/rotary motion solutions with up to 300mm (12") stroke. Strong magnetic coupling eliminates the use of bellows and dynamic seals, which are vulnerable to failure, providing a robust long-life design.

For applications where precise multi-positioning is required, our linear bellows drives provide exceptional resolution (two-times better than conventional units), a guaranteed minimum lifetime of 10,000 cycles and the ability to easily motorise in the field.

Key features

  • Magnetically-coupled push pull products for high-duty, high-torque rotary and linear applications
  • Linear bellows drives for high-precision, multi-position, linear-only applications

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