Rotary drives

Rotary drives

The production-proven MagiDrive range of vacuum rotary feedthroughs enables rotation to be transferred into a vacuum system using a stiff high-flux magnetic coupling. With no bellows, fluids or dynamic seals, the MagiDrive range offers reliable and leak-tight UHV operation.

Key features

  • Magnetically-coupled, fail-safe design
  • Single-piece vacuum enclosure ensures leak-free performance
  • Magnetic shielding permits use in magnetically-sensitive environments 
  • No bellows, organics or sliding seals
  • Bakeable to 250ºC (including magnets)
  • High torque-to-size ratio
  • Zero backlash under low load and acceleration
  • Hollow variants allow stacking of concentric drives

Solid Shaft Option

The solid-shaft series of rotary feedthroughs provide a range of standard shaft options as detailed in the product configuration options. Customised shafts are available upon request. UHV Design offers a range of extended bearing housings to support the shaft along its axis of rotation.

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Hollow Shaft Option

The four largest MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs are available in a hollow configuration, terminating with a non-rotating CF flange at the rear. This allows services to be passed through the drive or, alternatively, an additional MagiDrive to be mounted to the rear, providing a secondary axes of rotation.

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Combined compact hollow rotary & linear drive

Magnetically-coupled rotation and axial motion in a single, compact device. An example application would be the rotation of a substrate cradle with the lift and lower motion used to facilitate sample transfer. Hollow drive technology allows services to be passed through to a substrate heating module.

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