Particle Accelerators

Particle Accelerators

UHV Design is now firmly established among the particle accelerator community as the supplier of choice for UHV manipulation devices ranging from linear actuators through to complete multi-axis sample manipulators. 

We have worked closely with our customers to solve specific manipulations problems, particlularly in beam diagnostics.  See the 'Application Example' below about our recent development with CERN to remove bellows from critical beamline applications.

UHV Design is able to rapidly and competitively customise its UHV manipulators, already the largest range in the world, to meet the required facility wiring standards and communications specification.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive range of tailored solutions for Synchrotrons, FELs and other particle accelerator applications including beam diagnostics
  • Products supplied with facility specific wiring and comms standards
  • Over 20 years of experience in supporting global particle accelerator customers

Magnetically-coupled actuators | BAT Drive

Designed to provide fast linear actuation without bellows and developed in collaboration with CERN (see Application Example below).

  • Up to 100mm linear movement at up to 1,000 mm/s speed.
  • Magnetically-coupled solid shaft.
  • Pneumatic or motorised actuation options.

Bellows sealed actuators | FAB Drive

High speed linear translator with a range clear bore sizes and motorisation options. Developed to provide precise actuation of diagnostic equipment.

  • Up to 1,000mm linear movement at up to 1,000 mm/s speed.
  • Range of bellow clear bore options.
  • Range of motorisation options.


The Challenge:

Spring-loaded magnetically-coupled device provides a fail-safe solution that could reduce unscheduled downtime due to loss of ultrahigh vacuum. CERN were looking for a solution to eliminate bellows drives where possible.

Our Solution

The magnetically-coupled  Pneumatically Actuated Linear Translator (PAT) drive has been designed specifically to eliminate the need to use bellows in beamline applications such as positioning diagnostics. 

Available in strokes up to 100mm and actuated using a side mounted rodless pneumatic cylinder the design incorporates 2 constant force springs for fail-safe operation in the event of loss of electrical power or air supply.


Utilising UHV Design’s magnetic coupling technology, the PAT drive has a linear breakaway thrust of 90N. Linear speed up to 50mm/s.

Download our Synchrotron application brochure or view the products below to learn more.

Magnetically coupled linear actuators

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