Production environments demand highly reproducable performance and high reliability to ensure process consistency and avoid unscheduled downtime.
Working in collaboration with our customers we have developed a range of products specifically to work in demanding high duty cycle production environments. 
Our in-house design team can customise any of our standard product designs to specifically match production requirements.
For example, our production Linear Shift Mechanisms (LSMs) can be customised to accommodate the required flange size, stroke, bore size, duty cycle and space envelope. In addition, production LSMs benefit from:

  • Ultra-stiff construction for minimal deflection
  • High cantilevered load capacity
  • Ball screw drive mechanism with recirculating linear slides
  • Bellows with greater than 3 million cycles guaranteed

Contact us to discuss your production manipulation requirements.

Key Features

  • Standard product designs can be customised for production environments
  • Experienced in-house design team
  • Production variants guaranteed for high duty cycle applications