Surface science

Surface science

Our high precision stages have been designed to address the ever increasing demands of today's surface analytical and synchrotron end-station applications.  The XL-T Series which provides compact single bellows stages and the XL-R Series which utilises dual bellows with dual-point support to provide increased stability and precision.
Each series offers a full range of configuration options including resistive heating or e-beam heating, temperature measurement, sample biasing/current measurement and LN2 and LHe cooling options.
A full range of compatible sample transfer options are also available such as our Power Probe and wobble stick ranges.

Key Features

  • Compact & high stability, high precision stages
  • Modular stage design - can be configured to suit application
  • Innovative sample stage with ultra compact swept volume and unique additional stage options
  • Heating to 1200 degrees C and cooling to 30K
  • Ability to provide continuous azimuthal rotation and LN2 cooling

Elevating PowerProbe

Linear only with integrated lift and lower mechanism magnetically-coupled sam...
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Linear power probe

Linear only motion magnetically-coupled sample transfer arm.
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XL-R MultiCentre

Dual bellows, high stability, precision stages
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XL-T MultiCentre

Single bellows, compact analytical stages
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