Y, XY, XYZ and XYZT motion

Y, XY, XYZ and XYZT motion

Many vacuum applications such as sample transfer, beamline diagnostic positioning and sample positioning for analysis require precise manipulation along Y or XYZ axes.

UHV Design provides a field-proven range of precise manipulators that can be used in isolation or combined with linear shift mechanisms and magnetically coupled rotary drives to build sophisticated manipulators with up to six axes of independent motion.

All of our manipulators benefit from kinematic design which ensures smooth, precise motion, high load capability and a minimum bellows design life of 10,000 cycles.

Manipulators can be configured using our modular XY in combination with linear shift mechanism (XYZ) and XYZT stages. Options include:
• Bellows support tubes
• Service collars
• Rotary drives providing up to 2 additional axes of manipulation

In addition to this modular approach we provide complete sample manipulation
solutions which include sample heating, cooling and rotation.

Key features

  • Multiple options available to suit X, Y, and Z travel requirements.
  • Guaranteed minimum bellows design life of 10,000 cycles
  • Any-orientation mounting
  • Many units can be retrospectively converted to motorised or manual actuation as required

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Y-shift range

Accurate, repeatable alignment on the Y-axis.
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XY manipulators

Modular platforms for the manipulation of components in the X and Y planes.
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XYZ manipulators

Up to +/-57mm X& Y travel and up to 1000mm in Z travel.
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TETRAXE XYZT Manipulator

TetrAxe (TTX) | Compact XYZT available with CF40, CF63 and CF100 options.
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