Hollow MagiDrive series

Hollow MagiDrive series

The four largest MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs are available in a hollow configuration, terminating with a non-rotating CF flange at the rear. This allows services to be passed through the drive or, alternatively, an additional MagiDrive to be mounted to the rear, providing a secondary axes of rotation. Up to four independent axes of rotation can be provided by combining the MD16, MD35H, MD64H and MD100H MagiDrives. This stacking capability is typically used to provide simple solutions to sophisticated manipulation requirements.

Key features

  • Allows services to pass through the centre, i.e. power feedthroughs, thermocouples, cooling tubes etc.
  • Co-axial combinations of drives, providing up to five axes of independent rotation for sophisticated manipulation requirements

All MagiDrives are:

  • Fail safe – with excess torque a MagiDrive will simply release and lock back onto the next pole avoiding possible costly damage, maintenance and downtime
  • Bakeable to 250°C

MagiDrives benefit from:

  • No bellows, organics or sliding seals
  • True UHV performance
  • High torque
  • Zero backlash under low load and acceleration
  • Magnetic shielding permitting use in magnetically-sensitive environments

How the hollow MagiDrives work:

The blue components show how the outer magnetic assembly is coupled with the inner magnets which are part of the rotating shaft assembly.

Note: the grey components, which include the mounting flange and rear flange, do not rotate.

MD40H hollow range

CF40, 2.75" OD flange. 14mm clear bore. 9Nm breakaway torque.
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MD35LB hollow range

CF40, 2.75" OD flange. 27mm clear bore. 6Nm breakaway torque.
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MD64H hollow range

CF64, 4.5" OD flange. 26mm clear bore. 10Nm breakaway torque.
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MD64LB(M) hollow range

CF64, 4.5" OD flange. 48.5mm clear bore. 8Nm & 40Nm breakaway torque options.
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MD100H hollow range

CF100, 6" OD flange. 65mm clear bore. 40Nm breakaway torque.
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Hollow drive with lift and lower

Magnetically-coupled rotation and axial motion in a single, compact device
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Magidrive customisation options

Customisation such as different actuation methods & encoders.
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