MagiDrive customisation

MagiDrive customisation

Available options

All of our standard products offer a level of customisation from different methods of actuation to adding encoders and custom features. Some of these options available for the MagiDrive range are detailed below.

If you have a specific requirement not listed below, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Key Features

  • Motorisation and pneumatic actuation options
  • Dual shaft option
  • Custom shaft & extended bearing options
  • Rotary encoders

MD40N with extended bearing housing and custom shaft

Motorisation options

We offer a range of motors as standard including stepper, DC and SMART motors. We can also supply the Magidrive configured to fit your own choice of motor (subject to suitability). There are options for limit and home switches along with the addition of a rotary encoder.

Stepper motors can be controlled using our MASC controller.

Pneumatic actuation

Pneumatic actuation can be selected with position indicators if required and is ideal for shutter applications. We can offer custom shaft options and provide a range of shutter blades.


Dual shaft option

The dual shaft option provides an additional input shaft in atmosphere that can be used to drive the MagiDrive using a drive set-up og your choice.

Stepper motors can be controlled using our MASC controller.

Custom shafts & extended bearing housing

We can offer a range of customised shaft lengths with additional features to aid attachements. For longer shaft lengths we recommend our extented bearing housing which provides additional stability and maintains rotational concentricity during actuation.

Have somthing else in mind?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to provide no obligation advice.

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