Our Cathodic Arc Deposition Epicentre has been specifically designed to work to provide reliable and uniform substrate heating for this demanding application.

The Cathodic Arc Epicentre  provides enhanced shielding to prevent the stage from getting ‘clogged up’ with the very high deposition fluxes that are possible with the Cathodic Arc technique.

Read our application bulletin to learn more.

Key Features

  • Designed to work in high deposition flux
  • Labyrinth seals to protect stage components from unwanted deposition
  • Uniform substrate heating to 1,200 deg C (subject to substrate material)
  • Substrate biasing to 300W

Cross-section of the labyrinth ‘seal’ between the top substrate cradle and the cylindrical shields, providing good optical baffling, vacuum conductance and freedom to rotate.


Read our application bulletin to learn more.

For more information or to discuss your deposition stage requirements in more detail, please contact us or complete our Epicentre questionnaire and send to sales@uhvdesign.com.