Sample transfer arms

Sample transfer arms

PowerProbe sample transfer arms enable secure transfer of samples within UHV. This is a consequence of their unrivalled magnetic coupling strength. In addition to linear and linear/rotary probes, this extensive range includes the Elevating PowerProbe and the Dual-Axis PowerProbe designed to transfer specific industry-standard sample holders using a variety of actuation methods. 

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Key features

  • Secure transfer of samples
  • Unrivalled magnetic coupling strength
  • Unrivalled thrust performance
  • 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) break-away torque
  • Angular rigidity
  • Stiff coupling
  • Fully bakeable to 250°C

PowerProbes have unrivalled thrust performance. The standard linear coupling has a break-away force of 140 N (31.5 lbf). In terms of rotation, the rotary transmission is essentially based upon the MD40 MagiDrive delivering 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) break-away torque. This is four times the level offered by more conventional units. The unique rotary coupling retains the renowned angular rigidity of the MagiDrive series. The relationship between load and deflection is approximately linear for typical transfer loads.

The crucial aspect of these performance characteristics is not necessarily the load-carrying capacity, but the stiffness of the coupling. The probes are, therefore, ideal for sample transfer applications.

All PowerProbes are fully bakeable to 250°C and do not require dismantling, unlike some conventional units available. The probes are suitable for use between atmospheric pressure and ultra-high vacuum.

For demanding UHV applications,  we recommend choosing the 'XPP' option with rolling metal & ceramic bearings for smooth low friction actuation with minimal outgassing.

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