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New MagiDrive range

Higher performance and easy actuation upgrade

The new MagiDrive range provides even better value for money by delivering major improvements in performance and ease-of-use.

  • Market leading torque performance for CF16 (1.8Nm) and CF40 (9Nm) flange sizes
  • Simple motorisation/pneumatic upgrade kits

Easy to install actuation kits

All of the new MagiDrives benefit from simple 'plug & play' motorisation or pneumatic actuation kits.

What has changed?

MD10, MD64 and MD100 remain unchanged. The key changes to the rest of the MagiDrive range are summarised in the table below:

Flange size Current MagiDrive New MagiDrive Benefits
CF10(1.33") MD10 - No change
CF16(1.33") MD16 MD16N Easy actuation upgrade - 0.45Nm torque
CF16(1.33") MD19 MD16A Easy actuation upgrade, now 1.8Nm torque
CF35(2.75") MD20 MD40N Easy actuation upgrade, 0.45Nm torque
CF35(2.75") MD21/25 MD40A Easy actuation upgrade, now 1.8Nm torque
CF35(2.75") MD35 MD40 Easy actuation upgrade, now 9Nm torque
CF35(2.75") MD35H MD40H Easy actuation , larger 14.5mm bore & 9Nm torque
CF35(2.75") MD35LB - No change
CF64(4.50") MD64 - No change
CF64(4.50") MD64H - No change
CF64(4.50") MD64LB - No change
CF100(6.0") MD100H - No change