UHV Vacuum Components: Motion Feedthroughs, Manipulators & More

UHV Vacuum Components: Motion Feedthroughs, Manipulators & More

Vacuum equipment has changed dramatically in recent decades. What was once reserved for academic researchers is now viable for commercial and industrial users on large scales. This not only applies to rough, process and high-vacuum (HV) regimes, but to ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions extending below 10-9 millibar (mbar). Concerted development of next-generation UHV vacuum components has made this possible.
At UHV Design, we specialise in the manufacture of cutting-edge UHV vacuum components that empower both academic and non-academic users with high-quality, low-maintenance solutions.

Our comprehensive product line includes a range of production-proven manipulators suitable for HV/UHV vacuum systems. We continually review and improve our UHV vacuum components range based on a customer-centric development mentality. This enables us to generate the best-in-class solutions for perennial challenges or process-specific issues. Below is a selection of our industry-leading UHV vacuum components.


UHV Motion Feedthroughs

Feedthroughs are fundamental to in-situ manipulation without compromising the integrity of vacuum chambers. Our MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs are designed to transfer rotation into a chamber via high-flux magnetic coupling with a superb torque-to-size ratio.

Our MagiDrive line of UHV vacuum components comes in a choice of solid or hollow shaft configurations, with a combined compact hollow rotary with a linear drive also available.

UHV Manipulators

Manipulation solutions are at the core of the UHV Design product offering. Our key area of expertise is heating and motion control for HV and UHV applications, with an every-growing range of linear actuators, sample transfer arms, single- and multi-axial stages, push-pull devices, heater modules, and more.

Within each of these brackets lies a wealth of choice and customization options to suit various customer needs with true UHV compatibility. Each comes with a UHV Design guarantee of field-tested reliability over extended services lengths with minimal maintenance requirements.

UHV Viewport Shutters

Viewports provide a glimpse into your processing environment, but the glass or quartz used in the transparent surface often requires protection at critical points during vacuum processing. We have designed a range of viewport shutters based on our tried-and-trusted MagiDrive technology, enabling you to cover system windows with up to 100% coverage. Our blades are also compatible with most standard CF flange configurations.

UHV Vacuum Components from UHV Design

This article has served as a very brief introduction to our design philosophy, and to some of the key UHV vacuum components that make up our industry-proven product range. If you would like to learn more about any of the systems mentioned in this blog, or have unique challenges requiring a bespoke solution, why not contact a member of the UHV Design team today?